A former NFL center, Randy Grimes lived as everyone’s all-American—with a successful 10-year career for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a beautiful and devoted college-sweetheart-turned-wife, and two healthy children. But pain took over, and the prescription pills used to treat chronic injuries eventually led to playing in blackouts. When Randy’s career ended, the pills continued—feeding an opioid addiction that would last 20+ years and erode his identity, health, and family. When addiction claimed the life of a close friend, Randy finally found the courage to raise his hand and ask for help. This single decision reclaimed Randy’s life.

Today, as a keynote speaker and National Director of Professional Relations for Transformations Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center, Randy equips athletic teams, associations, healthcare groups, colleges, associations, corporations, and families with tools to change. He guides addicts into lasting recovery—while advocating for policies and programs to combat addiction.